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First 9 Weeks

Reading Counts Update

Our class earned 1,658 points this nine weeks.  Way to GOOOOOOOOOOO !!!

I'm so proud of all of you.  Keep up the GREAT work !!!!!

Kara Morgan              103 points

Trista Perry                106 points

Ethan Hartman           111 points

Emily Mefford             127 points

Mason Campbell         131 points

Bubba Philpot             137 points


Rocket Math Update    (Students have completed one math operation)

Third Grade (completed Addition)                   Fourth Grade (completed Multiplication)

Kara Morgan                                                 Mason Campbell

Bubba Philpot                                               Trista Perry

Jacob Potesak                                               Jenna Wade

AJ Rivera                                                      Avery Whittington

Mary Shook