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Ugly Bug Contest 2013

That’s right; it’s that time of year again! The Ugly Bug Contest is back and we’re looking for the ugliest bug! Read on for more information!

  • WHY do we participate in the Ugly Bug Contest? Well, for one, I think MOST kids like picking up and checking out bugs, and this way it’s for a school project! Secondly, each school that submits an Ugly Bug gets an 8x10 magnified photo of their bug’s face and head area. Thirdly, if our school wins, we could win microscopes or other neat prizes! Pssst! WE WON LAST YEAR! I think it would be awesome if we could win again!
  • Who can participate? Any and all students through the 6th grade.
  • Deadline for DEAD bugs is Friday, September 20th , 2013. Bugs must be in good condition, which means they are not crushed, extremely dirty, or have parts missing.
  • Bugs MUST be native to Oklahoma. Small bugs work best because they are easier to photograph. The bug’s head, which is the only part that will be magnified, should be less than ½ inch in diameter.   
  • DEAD bugs must be turned in to me in a sealed plastic baggie or other container marked with the STUDENT'S NAME AND GRADE. Unmarked containers may find their way to the trash.
  • You may only submit one bug to the contest. If you bring more, only one will be picked to be in the contest.
  • In order to make bugs DEAD and USABLE, most can be placed in a sealed container and placed in a freezer for 48 hours. Soft bodied bugs such as caterpillars, ticks, mites, chiggers, and similar bugs may be immersed in rubbing alcohol so that is doesn’t shrink due to dehydration.
  • Please be careful when collecting bugs! Many insects are capable of stinging and biting for protection from predators and therefore, should always be handled with care. Wasps, bees, cicada killers, horse flies, robber flies and numerous other flying insects can yield a powerful sting. Insects such as assassin bugs (wheel bugs), and aquatic bugs (giant water bugs, backswimmers) do not sting, but have piercing mouthparts that inflict a painful bite.
  • While all arachnids (scorpions and spiders) are venomous, not all will cause a reaction in a human. The two most venomous and dangerous spiders in Oklahoma are the Black Widow (red hour glass shape underneath abdomen) and the Brown Recluse or Fiddle Back (has a fiddle shape on thorax). These spiders CANNOT be accepted because of the danger they impose on those trying to catch them.
  • There is one Oklahoma native insect that is on the Endangered Species List. It is the American Burying Beetle (orange thorax and orange striped abdomen). If you see one, please do not disturb it. You can Click HERE to see a picture. 

Click HERE to view FULL RULES.

Thank you in advance for your participation!        

The Ugly Bug Coordinator, Mrs. Merritt

Darci Merritt

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