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SunnyD Book Spree 2013

Did you know that the average teacher spends almost $400 on classroom materials every year? And with budgets getting cut across the country, parents and teachers are having to work even harder today to ensure that they achieve the best possible education for their children.

That’s why SunnyD is proud to support the efforts of teachers and parents with the SunnyD Book Spree. The program is simple. Parents collect labels and send them into the classroom with their kids. Teachers then send the labels into SunnyD to get free books. 20 labels earns your class 20 free books. It’s the perfect way to bring the power of reading into your kids’ classroom.

Please help our school earn free books by submitting your SunnyD product labels.


Click Here to learn more about the SunnyD Book Spree








Please CLICK HERE to see ALL Eligible Products



  • PLEASE VIEW ELIGIBLE PRODUCTS! Outer Shrink Wraps are NO LONGER accepted. Thanks!
  • SunnyD Book Spree 2013 ENDS NOVEMBER 30, 2013!
  • Please have all labels turned in to the school NO LATER THAN Friday, November 22, 2013 to ensure they are postmarked in time!

Thank you in advance for ALL your help!


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